Los Gatos Creek Dog Park

Silicon Valley is home to a number of dog parks–offering you enclosed, safe places for your pooch to play with his pals. Among our favorites is the Los Gatos Creek Trail dog park. Located just north of the Highway 85/Highway 17 junction, LG Creek Trail dog park is a part of the Los Gatos Creek Trail County Park. Not only a dog park, LG Creek Trail County Park boasts flycasting ponds, picnic areas, and is part of the 9.7 mile Los Gatos Creek Trail (for bicycles and pedestrians) that runs through San Jose, Campbell, and Los Gatos–all the way to Lexington Reservoir. The dog park itself has two enclosed areas–one for large dogs and one for small. Both sections consist of a large artificial turf area, water for people and dogs, and benches–some with shade. The people who bring their dogs to LG Creek are, for the most part, friendly and social, with dogs that love to play. Aggressive, anti-social dogs are not welcome, and are rarely a problem. If you’re not in the mood for off-leash playtime you can always take your canine friend for a walk along the creek and around the ponds. Parking is $6 a day–annual passes are available at a discount. More information can be found here.